Åpent Bakeri is looking for a skilled baker

Åpent Bakeri

Sted: Oslo



Stilling: Fast

Kontakt: Maike

E-post: maike@apentbakeri.no

Telefon: 22049667

Åpent Bakeri is looking for a skilled baker for our bakery at Maridalsveien, Oslo Åpent Bakeri is searching for a skilled and efficient baker for our craft bakery in Maridalsveien in Oslo, who wants to become part of our night worker team. The working time will mainly be between 24:00 and 08:00.

The position involves responsibility for baking products according to the daily production list, so that the company’s bakery outlets and external customers every day receive fresh, high quality baked goods.
About the company: Åpent Bakeri is based on real craftsmanship, knowledge and natural ingredients. The company was founded in 1998 by Øyvind Lofthus and Emmanuel Rang. Today, Åpent Bakeri counts two production sites, 12 outlets, a United Bakeries outlet at Paleet and a Blings outlet. In addition, it opens a 13th shop at Ensjø in late August.

We offer: An exciting full-time job as a baker in an active and well-established company.


• Produce bread and baked goods that maintain high and uniform quality
• Follow up on current production lists
• Follow up Food Hygiene control lists and daily cleaning of work areas and equipment according to our routines
• Keep fridges and raw material storage tidy, clean and organized
• Assist in packing goods when needed

Qualifications & Education:

• Education/Svennebrev as baker is an advantage
• Relevant work experience for at least 3 years
• Good ability to communicate in English

Personal characteristics:

• Quality Conscious
• Works structurally and efficiently, both independently and in teams
• Flexible and detailed
• Neat
• Have large working capacity
• Positive for night work and weekend work